A retired police chief and I had a conversation about the events leading to the shooting death of Daunte Wright by Kim Potter, a Brooklyn Center Minnesota police veteran who has now resigned. He had some interesting observations that I’d like to share.

The chief, who wishes to not be put in the spotlight so I’m not identifying him, says the genesis for the tragedy can be clearly seen on the body cam video. …

Every time there’s a well publicized controversial killing of a black man by a white police officer there are calls for police reform. But each time the focus on these pleas for change fades away with time. Will the killing of George Floyd be any different?

It’s a question that, admittedly, can’t be answered. But I sense attitudes are changing because of Floyd’s death.

Everyone by now has seen the killing of Floyd at the knee of then-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. …

Washington DC. Our nation’s capitol. And one of the most dangerous cities in the United States.

Neighborhood Scout rates DC’s crime index at 3 percent. With 100 percent being the nation’s safest city. This means Washington DC is safer than just 3 percent of the cities in the United States.

Yet today there’s another call to cut the size of the police department.

This comes just one day after five people were shot, two fatally, in a DC neighborhood.

One might argue that police patrols really can’t prevent shootings. But consider that police resources are stretched whenever there is a…

I can’t quite decide which political office to run for. But before I make up my mind, I know I have to consider what perks I can get from the job.

Before I delve any further into this enthralling subject I’ll point out that I’m writing about an hour into April first. So please take with a grain of salt anything I say.

But if I were to run for office, it seems to me I’d have to choose carefully. Do I want to run for Congress and increase my chances of being befriended by an attractive Chinese spy? …

I was speaking over the weekend to a friend in Vietnam and I told her that someday I’d like to visit southeast Asia. I asked her about life in Vietnam.

“I hate it here,” she said. “We don’t have freedom of speech like you do.”

So, naturally, I asked her if she’d move to the United States if given the chance.

“I’d never go to the United States,” she declared. “It’s not safe there for Asians.”

Without question attacks on Asians in the United States are way up. By 150 percent by one estimate. …

The surge of migrants at our southern border is the latest fuel feeding the blame game in the United States.

Republicans blame President Biden. Arguing this wasn’t a problem when Donald Trump was president.

Biden blames Trump. He says his administration is inheriting a mess that began before he took office.

But if we push both of those propositions aside for a moment we may be able to focus on two “animals” that are actually responsible for what’s happening on the border. Coyotes and Russian bears.

Coyotes are people who other people pay to smuggle them across our border. …

Gary Hart was the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president when his affair with actress Donna Rice was revealed.

Just days later, he pulled the plug on his presidential campaign. The scandal bringing to an end his political aspirations.

But imagine if, when challenged, Hart employed the same tactic as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and simply said, “ I’m not going anywhere darling.”

Unlike Hart, Cuomo isn’t under fire for one scandal. But now, three.

In addition to claims of sexual harassment and criticism of his permitting COVID patients to be transferred from hospitals to nursing homes, Cuomo…

The streets of New York feel different since the pandemic struck. And it’s not just the number of closed businesses.

Homeless people are far more noticeable. People who used to flock to the city to work are now toiling from home. Broadway is dark and tourism is practically non-existent. That means, our homeless population is not only more apparent. There are fewer people for the homeless to ask for handouts.

Also, many people living on the streets aren’t just homeless. They’re also emotionally disturbed.

All of this is contributing to a dangerous situation.

Every morning in the predawn hours I…

Gary Baumgarten

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